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New Light in the Mill and Granary

The lights in the Messer/Mayer Mill are still from the era when the Mill was closed in the 1950s -- bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Because of the age of the wiring, an electrical upgrade was needed. One of the Thursday crew members, Dave Derrick, has taken on this project. These new lights illuminate features of the Mill and hopefully make tours even better than before -- all this without using much energy. Low voltage LED lights eliminate the possible fire hazard of incandescent lights while saving cost in the long run. That's a win win situation.

The second floor of the granary was very dark. The ambitious Thursday crew decided to shed some natural light into that area by installing a window in the upper part of that building. Currently, the granary is used for storage of many artifacts. However, future plans are to set it up as an agricultural museum.


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