Richfield Historical Society

Richfield, WI


New Alarm System

The Richfield Historical Society has just completed a conversion of the alarm system that covers the historic buildings in the Richfield Historical Park. The conversion changed the alarm system from being monitored by a land line to a New Alarm Systemcell line. This change will save the Society close to $80 each month. The Lillicrapp Welcome Center is also now fully monitored for fire and break-in. This is something we have been working on for almost a year.

With wireless technology, we were able to add the Lillicrapp Welcome Center to our existing alarm system without the expense and problems associated with running wires between buildings.

Each building has its own alarm panel. These panels keep track of the who enters the building, date and time along with the alarm status. It is expected that this work will pay for itself within two years by the monthly savings.



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