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Chestnuts in the Richfield Historical Park

Planting Chestnut Trees at the Richfield Historical ParkOn April 24, 14 American Chestnut bare root trees were planted throughout the Richfield Historical Park. The nursery stock came from Chief River Nursery at Grafton. The trees were donated by John Smith in memory of Richard Schmidt (Sharon and Herb Lofy's brother-in-law). Every year, Richard and his wife helped at the Planting Chestmut Trees at the Richfield Historical ParkThresheree. John is a lifelong friend of the Lofys. He lives in Glenhaven, Wisconsin, which is in Grant County on the Mississippi River.


The majestic American chestnut tree was once common throughout the forests of eastern North A Chestnut BurAmerica, providing sweet, meaty chestnuts for humans and wildlife. A fungus first noted in the United States in 1904 quickly wiped out this native species, but fortunately chestnuts can be grown today because there is now a variety that is resistant to the blight.

Look for these trees on the berm by the Lillicrapp Welcome Center, across from the log buildings in the Pioneer Homestead area of the Park, and by the pond in the Nature Park.


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