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Annual Plant Sale

Plant SaleIt's that time of the year to start to think about the lovely flowers you would like to beautify your yard. RHS partners with Nehm's Greenhouse to provide you with a wide selection. Just purchase certificates and use them at Nehm's....Read More


Thursday, April 25, 2024 ~ 7 pm
"Deaths Door: True Tales of Tragedy, Mystery and Bravery from the Great Lakes' Most Dangerous Waters"

March ProgramThe treacherous waters off the tip of the Door Peninsula come alive with the tales presented by award-winning author, Barbara Joosse. Tragic accidents, mysterious disappearances will keep you glued to your seat during this exciting presentation....Read More


Art at the Mill
June 15, 2024

Art at the MillMark Your Calendar to enjoy a lovely day at the Richfield Historical Park---90+ exhibitors, delicious food, live music, free admission & tours of historic buildings, silent auction....Read More

Click Here for a Sneak Preview of the talented exhibitors!

Note for Exhibitors: All spaces have been filled and applications are no longer being accepted unless you would want to be placed on a waiting list. Please e-mail



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RHS in Action

Boiling Sap, Steaming Pancakes, Sparks Flying

Maple Syrup Family DayOn Saturday, March 23, hundreds of visitors converged on the Richfield Historical/Nature Park to enjoy the annual Maple Syrup Family Day. They saw the sap boiling in the Sugar Shack, enjoyed a hearty breakfast of pancakes and learned how 'smithies' did their much more.

Click Here to watch a video of all the activities of the day... and mark your calendar for March 22, 2025.

New this year was the Maple Syrup Contest. Here are the winners:

Golden Category
1st Place - Todd Friday - Friday's Silver Label
2nd Place - Jeremy DeJarlais - Backyard Boiler
3rd Place - Stewart Friend - Holy Gold
Amber Category
1st Place and Best of Show - Brandon Hacker - B&H Honey and Maple Syrup
2nd Place - Richfield Historical Society
3rd Place - Mike Dodge - Sticky Sweet
Dark Category
1st Place - Will Wanish - Wanish Sugar Bush
2nd Place - Matt Zignego - Sappy Hollow
3rd Place - Sam Mountjoy - Iggy's Acre
Very Dark Category
1st Place - Jimmy Fritz - Fritzo
2nd Place - Andy Stewart - Sherman Road Maple Syrup


Around the County Podcast Featuring the Richfield Historical Society

The Society's president, Pete Samson, and Vice President, Joni Crivello, participated in a podcast about the Society and the Historical Park. This podcast is part of the Around the County series sponsored by the Tower Heritage Center (Washington County Historical Society).

Click Here to listen to this interesting narrative (Episode #25).


RHS Appreciates Its Volunteers

2023 Volunteer Appreciation DinnerOn Saturday, Nov. 11, the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was enjoyed by many, many loyal volunteers of the Richfield Historical Society. 2023 Volunteer Appreciation DinnerThe group relished the tasty homemade hot dishes, salads and desserts for this potluck. What fun to sit and chat with fellow volunteers.


What a Night at the Richfield Historical Park for the Luminary Walk on Nov. 4!

Luminary WalkWith the stars twinkling and the bonfires blazing, hundreds of visitors to the Richfield Historical Park enjoyed the 2nd annual Luminary Walk. The weather was perfect to:

  • Wander through the quiet woods following the luminaries and being greeted by jack-o-lanterns
  • Visit with friends and family around the warm bonfires....Read More
  • *****

    Clang, Ding, Hiss -- Sounds of the Blacksmith Day/Hammer In on Oct. 7.

    Blacksmith at Blacksmith DayThe Richfield Historical/Nature Park was alive with sounds and activities for the 2nd annual Blacksmith Day/Hammer In. Lots of visitors wandered among the many blacksmiths, participated in activities and enjoyed a day outside....Read More


    Weekly Highlights

    Something About Richfield

    Ralph and Leila SchulteisRalph Schulteis aka “Mr. Richfield”. Ralph Schulteis was the youngest son of a Richfield Homestead family. He was the fourth generation to farm the family property. He married Leila Schellinger in 1956, and they raised a family of 6. Ralph loved Ralph Schulteis - Maple SyrupRichfield and history. He was very instrumental in the then Town of Richfield in purchasing the Messer/Mayer Mill to preserve that agricultural aspect of Richfield. Ralph knew the mill very well and had fond memories as a kid tying grain bags for mill owner, George Mayer, and fishing in the millpond.

    Ralph Schulties - GranaryAs a long-time member of the Richfield Historical Society, he helped put up one of the first timber frame buildings in the Richfield Historical Park, the granary located on the south end. Ralph Schulteis - TractorRalph was always willing to lend a helpful hand during maple syrup season and would always drive a tractor in the Thresheree parade. He served in a Richfield governmental capacity for 41 years. Ralph passed away in 2009.


    Something About the Park

    RHS Horse Fly NetThe Richfield Historical Society has a horse fly net. Just what is this thing? It is a piece of gear for use on a horse to shoo away flies and keep them from annoying or biting the horse. It is also called a fly blanket, or fly coat or fly cape. The fly net is made of ropes or strips of leather tied into a net to spread across the back of a horse. It provides enough movement while a horse is working to keep horse flies from landing.

    Horse Fly NetA horse fly net with a special stitch was reportedly patented by Robert Wilson. It is unknown if the fly net owned by the RHS was made by the Wilson Co. But, regardless, here is a little history of Robert Wilson. He was born October 16, 1810, at Williamsport, PA, and early in life he learned the saddler's and harness maker's trade, at which he worked in his native town and also in New York State.

    Horse Fly NetIn 1850 Robert settled in Milton, PA, where he worked as a journeyman at his trade, and six years later he devised what has since been known all over the United States as the Wilson Fly Net. In 1856 he started to manufacture and sell the nets on a small scale. Their value was at once recognized and the demand increased in one year from 400 to thousands.

    The leather shavings from the machines were thrown through the back windows of the factory. A great pile was always there and boys frequented the place and wrapped these shavings into spool shaped ball, which, with a tack or pin to hold its shape, was a handy missile to have in the boys’ pockets. 

    It is possible you can see this net on the back of a wooden horse that lives in the log barn located on the south end of the Richfield Historical Park.

    Photos: RHS horse fly net; Horses with the fly net (2)


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