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Visit by U.S. Senator Representative

Visit by U.S. Senator RepresenatativeOn May 15, members of the Richfield Historical Society welcomed a special visitor to the Richfield Historical Park. Mr. Benjamin Juarez is the Southeastern Wisconsin Field Representative for U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin. He was here to gather information about the Richfield Historical Society and the work we do and report to the Senator.

Those in attendance were: President Frank Carr, Historic Sites Chair Herb Lofy, Project Coordinator Del Schmechel, Clara Birkel and Cindy Schmechel as Mill House Chairs who explained the history of the Mill House, Director Norm Grier to explain the history and operation of the Messer/Mayer Mill, and Dave Reich. KateLynn Schmitt was also in attendance as a representative of our Village Government.

Mr. Juarez was with us for several hours, long enough to receive a thorough explanation of the work we have done and our plans for the future. We offered an open invitation for future visits for our many events. Mr. Juarez was given a packet that contained information intended for the Senator that was put together by Kathy Weberg who is in charge of Public Relations. A gift box was also presented that contained a bottle of our maple syrup and a Richfield Historical Society coffee mug for the Senator. We exchanged contact information and plan to keep in contact.


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