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New Footbridge

Girl Scout Troop 2280 from Friess Lake School was looking for a project for its members to earn their Silver Award. The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. It gives the scout the chance to do big things and make a community better in the process. The Richfield Historical Society had a project that would fit the criteria -- building a footbridge across the raceway for a better avenue from the Mill House to the Lillicrapp Welcome Center. The members of Troop 2280 came to the Richfield Historical Society and outlined their plan on how they would accomplish this project including covering the cost of it.

The Troop started to work on this project around the first of October. The first task was to dig out areas for the concrete foundation blocks to be placed.


Then the 'sleepers' had to be fastened to the top and bottom of the girders.





The next step was to attach the decking. Hard work continues on this project at a steady pace.




The footbridge is now completed except for painting and paths on either side of the bridge. These tasks will be completed in the spring. Thank You, Troop 2280, for all of your hard work on this nice addition to the Richfield Historical Park.




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