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Matching Funds

RHS Volunteers give back to their organization through their companies’ matching contributions. Four Richfield Historical Society volunteers, Richard Holt, Kevin Maltby, Diane Pedersen, and Candice Zurn have all used the matching contribution programs from their companies.

3M (3Mgives Volunteer Program) and Walmart (Volunteerism Always Pays) both have a volunteer-hour matching program. After volunteering Volunteering at the Threshereefor a certain number of hours within a 12-month period, RHS members who work for 3M or Walmart submit their hours to their company. In turn, RHS must verify that the hours were actually ‘worked’. Once this is done, a check for $250 is sent to the Society.

GE has a different type of program. Here is how it works – for every dollar that is donated to the Richfield Historical Society, GE matches it. Once again, the amount donated to the Society must be verified before GE will match the amount. Richard, Kevin, Diane, and Candice have followed this plan to support RHS for several years. Matching gifts have also benefitted RHS from Baird and FM Global Foundation. Through these matching contributions, more than $3,415 has gone into the Messer/Mayer Mill Restoration Fund.

Check with your human resources department to see if your company has a matching contribution or volunteer program. These programs may also apply to people who have retired from the company. Ask your children, grandchildren, or other relatives about this type of program for companies for which they work. Possibly they could donate to RHS, and the Society would receive the matching contribution. Or, how about asking them to volunteer for the required number of hours for RHS with the Society being the beneficiary of a matching volunteer program contribution. Every dollar helps “Let’s Get the Mill Grinding.”

Wisconsin Companies with Matching Gift/Volunteer Hour Programs
Nationwide Companies with Matching Gift/Volunteer Hour Programs



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